Smartphone gaming has become very popular in recent years, no matter how old the person is, they can play it on a daily basis. Therefore, the Chinese government has continued to curb the gambling addiction of some children by using the face scanning function after 10pm to 8am. Of course, smartphones all have front-facing selfie cameras, so the Chinese government is taking advantage of this to scan players’ age. For example, after 10 pm, if you run a game on a smartphone, it will ask for a photo of your face, and if it calculates that you are really old, then it will allow you to continue playing. However, if a child steals and is underage, he or she will not be allowed to continue playing. Today, a total of more than 60 Tencent games are starting to follow the new rules, including the popular Honor of Kings. Immediately after the announcement of the new law, sales of the elderly mask increased by 7,000% in the Chinese market. Do you all support our local government to do this? Or is there another solution?