In addition to announcing their acceptance into the VALORANT EMEA franchise league in a video, Natus Vincere also revealed a prospective addition to their squad.

The Na’Vi owner, Yevhen Zolotarov, is shown pacing the organization’s headquarters with a box containing a Spike from Riot Games, indicating their admittance for the EMEA league, in the announcement video. The jersey is spread out in plain view in the merchandising area as Zolotarov enters it at 38 seconds into the three-minute video. The Na’Vi shirt prominently displays “ANGE1,” and it is followed by the slogan “New 2023 samples came.”

As of right now, Kyrylo “ANGE1” Karasov plays for FunPlus Phoenix, a team that was rejected from the EMEA partnership program. FPX achieved glory in 2022, dominating in the EMEA area and earning berths in back-to-back LAN competitions. They also won Masters: Copenhagen after defeating Paper Rex in the championship match, and they finished the year with a fourth-place showing at VALORANT Champions. ANGE1 is the in-game leader for FPX right now and hails from the same country as Na’Vi, which is Ukraine. If Na’Vi signs the whole FPX squad, he would be the ideal player to display in the film because of these two characteristics.

However, none of the current VALORANT players announced their free agency after being rejected, even though FPX was not approved into the cooperation program. After the information became widely known, other companies like Acend and G2 Esports, which were also turned down, freed their players. Players from FPX chose not to publicly declare their search for a team since they had agreements in place with Na’Vi. Similar circumstances occurred with XSET, who had been in discussions to join G2 Esports as a core five but had been rejected entry into the Americas partnership league. On September 26, teams may formally begin signing players.