Although Sébastien “Ceb” Debs has officially left professional Dota 2 from November 2021 after a legendary career, factors like unforeseen immigration problems and charitable endeavors continue to provide room for a comeback.

Ceb listed a number of absurd objectives in his “required contribution goals” that he helped create to collect money for Z Event, the largest French charity streaming marathon, such as playing League of Legends on broadcast or even assembling a new Dota 2 squad.

The League of Legends aim is a joke, but if he manages to earn $100,000 between September 9 and 11, he has promised to sign up as a roster for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit season with four other players. That would include a complete comeback to competitive play and an attempt to qualify for a DPC regional’s bottom bracket.

Following the publishing of those objectives, the community acted quickly to spread the news that there was a chance to get Ceb back in the game as more than just an OG stand-in at a Major.

Guys, the food is fantastic, but seeing Ceb play professionally once more is far more enjoyable, right? Rastko, a Twitter user, expressed this view, which was shared by many people in the neighborhood.

Ceb raised more than $5,000 on his first stream shift and played a lot of Dota, either with viewers or as a coach for them.

Over the last year, Ceb has participated in a number of professional games, filling in for OG at the DPC’s Stockholm and Arlington Majors, helping his team win its fifth Major trophy in Stockholm, and picking up another victory at ESL One Malaysia.

There are still plenty of opportunities to bring Ceb back in a bit more permanent way while simultaneously contributing to charity. There are still four objectives left until the top $100,000 figure is on the table, and it costs more than all of the other goals put together. But hey, at least breaking $10,000 will compel him to grow a mustache à la Topson!

The entire Z Event 2022 will take place from September 9 to 11. Last year, the occasion assisted Action Against Hunger in raising $11.5 million, shattering multiple records in the process.