After a 2-1 weekend push his team over TSM and Team Liquid rivals, Luka “Perkz” Perkovic spoke to Inven Global about Cloud9’s growth since the game, what brought TL and TSM back. And why does he think he’s the best Mid laner in NA?

Perkz, the last time we talked about it was during the LCS Lock In and you told me you were lower than what the C9 would get in the spring. Do you feel the team play is what you want it to be this season?

I think we did a lot better and more than we did when we were just starting out. Is focused on doing good in North America. I mean, our coaching staff is working harder to improve us in ways that avoid potential mistakes or create bad habits that we can be. Punish the international team. I mean, things are going well now and only time will tell what we need to improve next time. When that time comes, our team will show our true strength.

Do you think the best of the 5 modes in the LCS Mid-Season will provide new opportunities for further gaming enhancements with your teammates?

I think TSM and Team Liquid are strong rivals, but I believe they are only good at champions and a little style. Seeing how we interact with TL and TSM will be our first challenge, then hopefully after winning our match we will compete with other international teams that are better than we thought. In my opinion, that is when we will see the true level of our team … but obviously we have to beat NA first, right? We can not just remember MSI.

Speaking of TSM and TL, are there any recent losses of C9 for both teams?

Yes. We want to see what we can try to pull off and I think it’s better for us. Even though we lost both games, we learned a lot more in both games than our previous two wins. In losing your team, learn more, so it’s good for us.

Do you think you are the best Mid Lane player in North America and how does your level of play compare to your play in Europe?

I definitely think I’m the best Mid Lane player in NA. .

In addition, due to all the circumstances of adapting to a new team and a new continent, after playing in Europe for many years, I am very happy. I think our level of play will continue to increase and the better we play as a team, the more I will play alone. In my eyes, it all connected. I play to win, I do not play to be good myself, so if I play well and our team plays well, I will look crazy.

However, if our team loses, I will look worse, but for me it does not matter.