After many leaks last night, Bose officially announced its top-of-the-line wireless headset, dubbed the Bose QC45 or QuiteComfort 45, following in the footsteps of the QC35. On the market for many years. On the new Bose QC45, we see that it does not seem to get much tweaks to the design, but it’s a lot of assertion on the interior.

As mentioned, the exterior looks almost identical to the previous generation, regardless of the buttons that come with it. The most important thing that Bose claims to have changed is that this time the QC45 gets an enhancement to the external noise suppression function, or ANC, along with an enhancement to the Transparency or Ambient Sound function, which Bose calls Aware Mode, get a sound absorber that works better before the call and has a longer battery life as well.

As for the upgrade to the noise cancellation function, Bose claims that on the QC45 it can work much better than the previous generation on the sound in the middle frequency, such as in the office or cafe.

However, the QC45 allows users to select only one level of noise suppression, called Quiet Mode, while the Bose Noise Canceling Headphone 700, another of its flagship models, is enabled. Multiple levels can already be set. In addition, the Aware Mode function on it has also been improved, which is a function to allow users to hear the sound around them like when not wearing headphones.

As for the sound absorber, the main change is that this time, Bose has increased the function of reducing the absorption of noise during incoming and outgoing calls to make the sound transmitted to the other listener in a clear quality level. One.

Take a look at its battery life, although Bose claims to offer a longer service life, but not much better than other high-end headphones, this time the QC45 can entertain users. Up to 24 hours on a single full charge (up to 20 hours on the previous generation) and it also has a fast charging function, as charging up to 15 minutes allows users to listen to music for up to 3 hours, and the charging is done through USB-C port.