Project: Bloodstrike is a fresh first-person shooter game for smartphones and tablets created by Netease Games, a Chinese Internet gaming studio best recognized for titles like Cyber Hunter, King of Hunter, LifeAfter, and many more. It combines gameplay components with Call of Duty Warzone and is based on a roguelike Battle Royale structure, but it also differs from Warzone in a few significant areas that make it more mobile-friendly. Only the Philippines has early access to Project: Bloodstrike at the moment, but other nations will soon be added to the list.

Choose between various agents available in Project: Bloodstrike

Due to the popularity of battle royale games nowadays, developers must add unique elements to their games in order to stand out in this competitive industry. While Project: Bloodstrike has many characteristics with other battle royale video games available today, it also differs in a number of key ways. One of these is allowing players to choose which of numerous agents they would play throughout a contest.

Choosing an agent shouldn’t be purely dependent on how gorgeous they are since each agent has distinctive attributes and talents that, depending on how the players can utilize them to their advantage, may change the entire course of the game.

Participants in the game can choose from a number of weapons as well. When they first arrive on the map, each player is equipped with a handgun and a limited supply of ammunition. They can then look about the environment to find better weapons and accessories.

Players can call for loadout drops using the money collected on the map

Another feature of the game is that players may make money while participating in battles by traveling to various areas and asking for loadout drops, which are containers containing valuables like uncommon equipment and weapons. Similar to using a flare gun in PUBG Mobile, this gadget is highly useful. Project: Bloodstrike also has dynamic visuals and a level environment with continually changing weather to provide gamers with a great gaming experience.

The game is only available through the Google Play Store in the Philippines; there is no word yet on its iOS release. Because the game is available in early access mode, players outside the area can either wait for it to reach their countries or play it via a VPN. Players may join their official discord server to join discussions and stay up to date on game news.