This year’s Facebook Gaming App will stop down on October 28. There won’t be an iOS and Android version of the app. The initiative to create a distinct gaming platform within Facebook has come a long way since the release of the Facebook Gaming App in April of last year. But ultimately, Facebook opted against maintaining its gaming app.

According to a recent Tweet from streamer Gothalion, Facebook will support the app till October 28. After then, it won’t be accessible anymore. The Facebook app will receive all the functionality. Players can download their app search information from the game app before it closes.

Meta is trying to get everything under one app, Facebook

Facebook’s decision was made for an unknown reason, nevertheless. The recent slump, however, forced Facebook to consider a more effective method to maintain what it has done for the community and its users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have made a suggestion about this during the company’s second-quarter results call in July.