As part of E3 Games this week, EA announced one of the most exciting games of the year, Battlefield 2042. But do not get too excited. The word “show” should be used as we know how the game will work, we expect EA to joke with fans with slow information until the game launches on October 22nd on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

For now, game developers at DICE have confirmed that the Battlefield title game ends with a battle, a return based on popular goals and aspirations.

The latest developers have made it possible to increase the maximum number of players to 128 on a single large map in the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 PCs. This has been offered to 64 players since their first entry, and over the years DICE has explained that many players have always enjoyed the games they play. But most of those statements came before 100 players changed everything, and last week DICE unveiled a map to showcase its design philosophy of providing remote areas that teams can divide and take. Win worldwide instead of jumping.