The 2023 edition of the famous sports video game eFootball, an online football simulation, will be available for mobile devices. It should be mentioned that eFootball Mobile and PC united this year to create one game and enable cross-platform competition in the game. This was done in an effort to unify the whole audience behind one brand in order to boost income during a difficult financial period.

eFootball 2023 will release with new Player data and cards

The latest edition of the game, eFootball 2023, will launch sometime in late August of 2022, according to a note published by KONAMI in eFootball Mobile 2022. Numerous transactions will be included in the update, as they have every year, to reflect how the real-world game of football is always evolving. There will be relegation and promotion of the clubs as such, as well as changes to the associated clubs of the players. Along with the current domestic leagues, new ones will be included in the game.

Coins, GP, and eFootball points will be carried over to eFootball 2023

Despite the fact that most assets are reset before the conclusion of the season, this time the rollout will be slow. Assets will therefore continue to exist even after the initial upgrade. The following assets will be kept: GP, coins, eFootball points, goals, login bonus, etc. However, some elements, including the player images on their cards, will alter. Affiliations for players and managers will also alter to reflect the changes made during the summer transfer window.

Around mid-November 2022, there will be one more significant update that involves extensive maintenance, during which the last few adjustments will be done. Players who have been kicked out will receive compensation in the form of users receiving similar in-game goodies.

Since the recent update, the amount of favorable reviews for eFootball has drastically decreased. This occurred as a result of several gameplay issues and other general sources of unhappiness. Konami must thus succeed with the upcoming upgrade if it wants to win back the users’ trust.