Reason 1:
Lack of chips around the world: Chips are very important, more demand makes production difficult to supply.

Reason 2:
Covid-19 Outbreak: A lot of work has changed from company to home-based, so everyone needs electronics to do the work at home. Shipping costs have risen because some areas have banned imports or restricted imports, leading to more orders and higher shipping costs.

Reason 3:
Raising tariffs in US ports: When Trump was in power, he raised tariffs to 25 percent on goods, especially to China. Until now, there has been no change.

Reason 4:
Crypto players: Always order a good quality GPU for their work to get more profit.

Reason 5:
Brokers buy and sell for a profit: They buy and sell a lot of electronics and graphics cards, making the price go up.

Reason 6:
Adding quality to Graphics Cards makes the price more expensive: The capabilities and quality of Graphics Cards are stronger from generation to generation, making them more expensive to fit their products.