For many years to come, Turkish powerhouse Armut will continue to compete against top laners in the LEC.

The League of Legends player’s contract has been extended by MAD Lions till 2024. The contracts of teammates Nisqy and UNFORGIVEN also expire in that year.

After the team underperformed at Worlds 2020 and missed the group stage after a 3-2 loss to SuperMassive Esports in the Play-In stage, Armut joined MAD Lions 2020. After the incident, the group switched Armut and Elyoya for Orome and Shad0w.

The next year, the MAD Lions went all the way and won Europe with the help of two new League players. In the 2021 LEC Spring Split finals, they reverse swept Rogue, while in the 2021 LEC Summer split finals, they defeated Fnatic 3-1. At MSI 2021 and Worlds 2021, they also advanced to the playoffs, reaching the semifinals and quarterfinals, respectively.

Armut has been a crucial component of MAD Lion’s success in Europe and beyond, and he still plays a crucial role in the current campaign. With a 10-3 record after a six-game winning run, the squad is in first place in the LEC standings.

The player’s statistics this split are among the finest. According to Oracle’s Elixir, Armut has the best KDA ratio of any top lane player at 5.7, the highest first blood percentage of 31 (tied with Odamne and Alphari), and the highest average proportion of the team’s overall damage to champions at 27.2 percent.