A fresh rumor from Korea claims that the enhanced display for Apple’s first augmented reality headset might provide users the greatest level of immersion. The head-mounted wearable may undergo a number of alterations before to its introduction, beginning with the panel. More information is provided below.

Apple’s AR Headset Was Originally Supposed to Be Outfitted With a 2800PPI Display

OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon), the display that will be specifically utilized for an AR headset, will be supplied from both Samsung and LG. If you didn’t know, these two manufacturers are also contracted to provide the screens for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so they are both quite familiar with the standards Apple sets for component quality.

A display technology utilized exclusively for AR goods is OLEDoS, which uses silicon as opposed to glass. The Elec claims that Sony panels would be used in Apple’s first augmented reality headgear. The 2800PPI screens will be enhanced to 3500PPI, giving customers a noticeable boost in image clarity. The business has reaffirmed its commitment to creating goods for the augmented reality market and is now working on two further AR headsets, the first of which will be available at a price that is accessible to the general public.

According to a prior rumor, the panels that Samsung and LG are mass manufacturing would probably be used in the second generation and might feature a 4000PPI display. It is unknown if the second generation of AR headsets would employ the OLEDoS with up to 7000PPI that both manufacturers are reportedly developing. It shouldn’t be shocking if Apple’s first product in this specific category costs $2,000 or more as that is what people are expected to pay for it. Even a 3500PPI screen is expensive to create.

Apple’s augmented reality headgear has had a fair amount of setbacks, and given that work on the gadget began almost seven years ago, significant obstacles were inevitable. Fortunately, the business and its outstanding staff have overcome those challenges, and the results of their efforts should be evident very soon next year.