Last year, we saw the iPad Pro with the M1 chip appear and get a lot of attention because Apple brought the chip on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the iPad Pro for the first time.

This year, too, is likely to be no different, with recent reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that the next-generation iPad Pro, possibly the M2 M2, is slated for release in the fall. This year, between September and the end of November next year. In addition, the same source also confirmed that Apple plans to announce the most new products in its history during the above period, which also includes the next generation iPad Pro.

Last year, Apple announced the iPad Pro with the M1 chip in April, and if the above rumors are true, it could take up to 19 months before Apple announces the next-generation iPad Pro. More. The M2 chip on the iPad Pro is expected to use the same 8-core CPU, but with faster speeds and less battery life thanks to TSMC’s new 4nm Process technology, and for GPUs it could be more. More cores can actually go up to 9 Cores or 10 Cores at a time.