Apple is working on new glasses ready to launch next year to hit the Metaverse market. It can be said that Apple before the release of any product is very focused on the user experience, so if the experience is not good, Apple will not release Apple Glasses. Easy, and especially when it comes to privacy and security, the problem with smart glasses is that others may see what you are doing.

Exciting news recently saw a new patent filed by Apple, a new technology that provides privacy and security of new use to users who use the existing Face ID technology on the iPhone. And users can make the image displayed on the glasses obscure what others are doing, according to Tom’s Guide.

Also, according to the patent, the future of the iPhone, users can determine to see your screen only if you wear Apple glasses to maintain the highest level of privacy and security in your place or location. The public with a lot of people around to avoid others peeking.

However, this is just some analysis of the patent, and for analysts understand that for Apple Glasses may be a little far, that is, in late 2022 or early 2023, Apple announced because for the current market for Smart Glasses or Metaverse. It seems that at some level it is not yet mature.

It should also be noted that in the past, Facebook or Meta has now released Smart Glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, but Meta glasses can not yet show the image on the screen, but can record some activities. Connect with Facebook or Instagram to post, and this project in the future will update the screen image to expand its Metaverse ambitions.

As the online artificial world is becoming a hot field, many technology companies are leaping in, including Facebook, Microsoft, and most recently, Apple has just not released any official devices or hardware for support.