Before she arrives in Season 6, many Apex Legends fans are worried about Rampart and her abilities. Rifle machine guns and wall mounts that do not fit with other characters.

While she was popular at one point, Rampart was downgraded and not a legendary choice to use. We actually have him in Class C of our list.

All in all, the player has devised a number of ways to buff Rampart going forward, and appropriate and appropriate suggestions can give her back.

The simple but clever idea came from Reddit user MrIceyIce, who suggested that Rampart’s passive needs to be tweaked so she has more options at Replicators.

Rampart’s passive is now offering her a larger LMG payload and more time to switch payments, but the idea is that she will be able to access a separate chart on the Replicator. These options will be different from the Replicator spin that everyone has to agree on and it’s the reason given to her as a crafter.

Of course, it has to be balanced. Maybe these options are a bit more expensive than the other options, but somehow it seems more popular with other players.