François “AMANEK,” a CS:GO rifler from France Delaunay will carry on with LDLC, the team he previously represented between 2018 and 2019.

Days of negotiations between AMANEK and LDLC resulted in the deal being official just hours after G2 announced it was parting ways with the Frenchman. After sitting out the most of 2022, the 28-year-old will relaunch his career. Prior to the start of the season, AMANEK was benched and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, a former Natus Vincere player, took his position.

AMANEK joined G2 in March 2019, and despite the team’s lack of success in S-tier competition, he had a significant impact. To meet G2’s demands, the selfless Frenchman took on a variety of duties, changing into a primary sniper in 2021. In numerous important competitions, including IEM Katowice in March 2020, IEM Cologne in July 2021, and the PGL Stockholm Major in November 2021, AMANEK came very close to winning, but NAVI prevailed against G2 in each of these championship matches.

It is anticipated that AMANEK will assume a senior position within LDLC. On a team full of young French players who haven’t yet competed at the highest level, he is by far the most experienced player.

LDLC now has six CS:GO players on contract and is testing two more after the arrival of AMANEK. According to reports, the French organization aims to take a “leadership role” in 2023 and appears to be auditioning a variety of players to make that happen.