Computer maker Dell says it will stop exporting its Alienware PCs to some U.S. states to comply with new U.S. energy policies, and that affected states include California, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington and Oregon.

Dell Alienware computers with the Aurora R10 and R12 are among the banned models. Customers who attempt to purchase a PC directly from Dell will receive a warning message: “This product may not be shipped to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont or Washington due to energy consumption regulations. Approved by the state, so all orders are canceled.

Because the video game industry with the leading graphics in the game will need a lot of processing power if gamers want to get high quality graphics of the game. Of course, higher processing power means more power consumption, and PCs designed for gaming also use more power than regular laptops.

Computers and monitors account for 2.9% of California’s total energy use, according to the 2016 California Energy Commission. California passed a new policy restricting the use of energy for consumer products in 2016. However, the implementation of these policies will not be valid until 2019.