One month ago, Adidas entered the Metaverse world by buying a large amount of land in the SandBox world. And Adidas also started selling NFTs for the first time, earning up to $ 23.5 million.

According to TheVerge, Adidas NFTs sold in the SandBox about 30,000 NFTs in just a few hours, and Adidas sold NFTs for a fee. ETH cryptocurrency. Initial sales of NFTs reached 5,924 ETHs, valued at $ 23.5 million, and each of Adidas’ NFTs was priced at 0.2 ETH, which currently stands at $ 765.

For the creation of NFTs, Adidas also has some well-known partners such as Bore Ape Yatch Club, Punks Comic, GMoney and so on. Not only that, for those who have purchased or become the owners of these NFTs, they will be able to use many other Adidas special items such as hoodies, suits on Bored Ape.