Bullet Angel shooting game, which was played on PC more than 10 years ago, is now available for download on mobile phones, called AK2 Online or Bullet Angel. All.

What makes this game reminiscent of a happy past is because it brings all the special features of AK2 Online game on it, including style, blood dance, Gun Skin, Great music and ghost mummy episodes as well.

Not only that, it is also a good opportunity for those who are playing and have not played the game AK2 Mobile or Bullet Angle, because there will be rewards for all Sabay fans. To win the prize, players of AK2 Mobile or Bullet Angle simply log in to the game, click on Event’s place, click Notice, then click COK and type “sabaybulletangel”.

Please note that each account can receive only one prize, including 500 gold coins, 5 Gold Spin Tickets, 2 Weapon Surprise Pack and many more. The opening of this prize is from June 7 to July 30, 2021, so do not miss this opportunity.