An incredible Apex Legends fan took the time to create parts of World’s Edge, the two most popular fan-favorite weapons and even the game’s Legends with their special abilities in upgrades. Up of Minecraft.

There is almost nothing that fans of any game like more than a good crossover event. Whether it’s an easter egg that can play two games together, or a huge combination of different brands like Fortnite’s continued collaboration with Marvel, fans will one day enjoy a good crossover.

The game focuses on empowering its players to create fascinating worlds, Minecraft has become home to many different genres with other titles. One fan used Minecraft as a venue for collaborations that inspired Apex Legends with results.

In a shared post on Subpedit Apex Legends ‘u / kurobekuro’ provided what Minecraft players can do when using Apex Legends for inspiration. They shared images and clips of more than half of the dozens of Apex Legends locations, weapons and other characters fully re-created in Mojang’s title.

In this post, kurobekuro shared, “I tried to make Apex, but it was not complete due to lack of time.” Although not as creative as they would like to be, they still feature Apex-inspired Minecraft content.

Many areas from World’s Edge- the Harvester, Train Yard, Mirage Voyage and Epicenter have been completely rebuilt in Minecraft. In addition to creating the actual location, kurobekuro also included a small map to show the pieces of World’s Edge they created.

While they have chosen the location themselves, it is interesting that the posting did not stop there. Players also developed the R-99 and Flatline, the most powerful Apex Legends pistol. Not only does the Minecraft version look like parts, it also has full functionality, like the kurobekuro featured with the scenes in their post.

Although the site and weapons were already covered, the builders’ creativity did not stop there. They also recreated the three characters of Apex Legends-Bloodhound, Octane and Wraith and their abilities in full function.

In another clip shared by kurobekuro, players can be seen running around and using Octane’s Stim and Jump Pad capabilities along with Wraith’s signature Portal.