Skins are the main source of Riot Games revenue from Valorant players. Since Riot added a Skins set to the release, some of it seems to be raising some eyebrows in the community.

Skins are supposed to have no effect on the game other than cosmetic improvements. While most Skins do not agree with this rule, some of them may annoy the player due to animated animations or sounds.

We can find examples of this in Elderflame Operator, which is louder than usual, making it difficult for players to hear.

Looking at the newer Skins, we can see the Valorant community complaining about the Karambit knife Skins in the Prime 2.0 package. Players seem to suggest that the Karambit knife, when animated, is worse than other knives.

This led Valorant developers to consider introducing a system that allows players to make upgrades to their weapons. Riot devs Sean and Preeti have addressed the issue and confirmed that the Skins level toggle system will be launched later this year.