Apex Legends has been waiting a long time to launch this game on Switch. On Tuesday, March 9th, Respawn Entertainment’s developer released a short video related to Play Apex Legends on Nintendo’s console as well.

Apex Legends has been expected to appear on the platform since the fall of last year, but due to the consequences of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, it has been delayed until last year. This. Finally, the plan is ready for the public appearance of Apex Legends on this platform as well.
However, Switch owners will be able to enjoy cross-platform play next week.

And if you are wondering what the Switch edition of Apex Legends looks like and what the changes are, these answers will look great as they come bundled with Panic Buttons that come with Doom Eternal. Warframe and Wolfenstein as well.

Below is a short video showing the launch of Apex Legends on the Switch: