1. Jett

Selection rate: 45.6%
Winning rate: 50.3%
Probably the most popular character in Valorant Jett is also the most popular. If you are a good player who wants your team to succeed, then Jett can be the person you need to play to get to the top.

2. Reyna

Selection rate: 33.3%
Winning rate: 50.4%
Reyna is a pure Duelist. Her ability to energize her in the first round of the game and she is considered to be the perfect Carry at low level.


Selection rate: 32.5%
Winning rate: 51.3%
Despite being nerf, after nerf, Sage is still as strong as before.

4. Omen

Selection rate: 32.4%
Winning rate: 50.1%
Omen is the perfect agent for anyone who wants to create chaos on a map. Your winning rate remains the same on all maps, making him a good choice if you are looking for someone to be your teacher.

5. Raze

Selection rate: 27.8%
Winning rate: 51.3%