After the General Department of Taxation and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications held a meeting on “Mechanisms to collect taxes from the sale of digital services of large foreign technology companies” that are not registered and are earning money from consumers in Cambodia on November 4, 2013 2020 so far, the meeting to discuss the results is fruitful.

Cambodia will impose value-added tax (VAT) on e-commerce transactions from companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Alibaba from April 1, 2022 to YouTube. Also among them. Thus, producers or content creators of all kinds of videos who try to produce and create their own will be able to make money through Ads as well as receive many other gifts in the Partnership Program.

Kong Vibol, director of the General Department of Taxation, said: “The collection of taxes on digital goods and services from these companies has the potential to increase national income. In addition to national income, that is a fair practice. There is also competition between e-commerce operators based in the district, because in the past, those companies did not pay income tax and VAT in Cambodia.