Nowadays, some gamers may have imagined that if the mouse they were holding in their hands was more useful than just the controls, it would probably be better because of its large body size that could hold something else. If you’re really dreaming like this, now XPG has made your dream come true by releasing a prototype Mouse with an SSD in it.

The XPG prototype mouse is called the XPG Vault and is set to be unveiled at CES early next year. The XPG Vault is a Gaming Mouse that uses a USB-C cable to connect to a computer, and the unique feature of this Mouse is that it comes with an SSD built-in, up to 1TB in size.

The built-in SSD has a speed of 985 MB / s, allowing users to load and run games on it, and for control of the SSD requires the use of XPG software, which is claimed to be It will be a game library providing convenience for gamers as well.