Xbox has teamed up with Gucci to design the Xbox Series X to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Xbox console. Gucci, a well-known fashion brand, has teamed up with Microsoft to launch the Xbox Series X, a Limited Edition designed by Gucci himself. The Xbox Series X, designed by Gucci, will retail for up to $ 10,000 and will be available in limited quantities.

As we have seen, both the console and the console are designed in the Gucci style, with the G being the cell phone with the G symbol. Available in black with red and blue as well as the Gucci logo on it.

Look at the big box for both the game machine and the game console, it has the same shape and fabric as the suitcase. In addition, we also see red and blue stripes like on the game console and cells with the letter G like on the body of the machine. The game is the same.

It should be noted that this luxury Xbox Series X Gucci game machine will be produced only 100 sets, in that set, as you can see, buyers will receive two game consoles and one game machine is placed in a Gucci suitcase. That one. Gucci will start selling the console from November 17th with a price tag of $ 10,000, which is far more than the original price, with Microsoft offering only $ 500. For the local market.