In an effort to protect gamers’ backs and necks worldwide, gaming peripheral manufacturer Logitech and office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller are collaborating once more on a gaming chair.

The superb Embody gaming chair came before the Vantum, the most recent in the relationship between Herman Miller and Logitech’s series of seats. However, the new entry is around $800 less expensive and provides a headrest.

Jon Campbell, general manager of gaming at Herman Miller, stated, “As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate objective is to unleash every player’s potential via smart solutions and research that solves issues, produces results, and allows significant change at every level of gaming.” “Our solution to the community’s call for more from our relationship is the Vantum Gaming Chair. The original Embody Gaming chair’s promise of cutting-edge ergonomics, unmatched craftsmanship, and desirable design is still kept, but with additional color options and a more reasonable price range.

The headrest of the Vantum is what most distinguishes it from the other gaming chairs Herman Miller offers. It provides thoracic support and provides “maximum comfort by correctly supporting the area where a player’s base of the head meets their spine,” which “serves to properly support the upper back, neck, and head when in a relaxed position.”

One of the trends that our teams saw throughout our study was the need for adaptability among gamers, according to Campbell. “A strong active posture is essential for gameplay, but having an equally supported, reclining position for moments of relaxation is key for modern gamers who not only play games but also watch streams and movies, chat with friends, participate in virtual events, or just need a moment to unwind after a tense match,” says

The Aeron, Sayl, and Logitech Embody are the first three chairs in Herman Miller’s gaming series. The Vantum is the fourth. The Sayl is the only other one of the four chairs that is priced under $1,000, along with the recently unveiled chair.

“Over the past three years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have collaborated with the goal of providing gamers with high-performance, ergonomic furniture. With this significant launch, we’re thrilled to enter the next phase of our evolution, said Aron Drayer, Logitech G’s head of marketing partnerships. Vantum is being introduced to the gaming community with the utmost excitement thanks to Herman Miller and our shared passion and ambition to provide gamers with the greatest products possible.

The Vantum will price for $995, come completely constructed, and be covered by a 12-year warranty. Orders may be placed on the Herman Miller website as they become available.