We’ve previously written about some amazing Minecraft builds, including the Star Wars Death Star, a recreation of a battleship, Mario Odyssey’s Cap Kingdom, One Piece’s Onigashima, Planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who, Bloodborne’s Yharnam, and many others that attracted the attention of players in the community and received praise for being masterpieces, built with a lot of creativity and effort. Today, however, a player of Minecraft has given the Enderman new skills, so we have something fresh in the shape of a mod.

The Player gave new upgrades to the Enderman in Minecraft

Enderman’s gameplay has undergone some significant alterations thanks to code tweaks performed by a Minecraft user known as u/ndm250 on Reddit. The gamer displayed his mod in a Reddit video that has received tens of thousands of upvotes. In the mod, the Enderman approaches him before picking up the player.

The Enderman and the player are then transported together. I’m working on some new enderman behavior, what do you think,” he asks as he leads the gamer to a precipice and then throws them off.

“When endermen were initially presented, they were an otherworldly terror, supernatural, frightening, and scary,” one commentator now sums it up well. We are accustomed to them now. We are aware of how to stop them. They pose a little risk, at most. Make endermen once more a source of nightmares.

Kidnap you and take you all the way. When there is a zombie swarm, remove the door from your house. Lose your spawn point by stealing your bed from your house. If you remain still for too long, teleport straight into your line of sight.