In a new partnership, HyperX will bring the world of the ninja to anime fans’ gaming sets all across the world. The HyperX Naruto: Shippuden series has unveiled a fresh set of accessories.

Unique keyboards, mice, mousepads, and headsets with decals inspired by the hugely famous anime series are available for gamers to purchase. Each product comes in two variations inspired by popular fan favorites.

Naruto and Itachi are these two individuals. While Itachi’s items are decorated in the Akatsuki colors of black and red, Naurot’s products include the distinctive orange and black design of the shinobi’s attire. There are also more minor design variations amongst the choices in addition to the color variations.

You may get the HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard from this collection. The peripheral’s appearance is the only difference between it and its standard counterpart. The Cloud Alpha headgear and Pulsefire Haste mouse are both included in this package. You may get the Pulsefire mat with a decal featuring characters from Naruto: Shippuden to go with this mouse.

These new goods cost a little more than their mainstream equivalent. You’re looking at $109.99 for the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset. Priced at $119.99 for the Ally Origins keyboard and $59.99 for the Pulsfire Haste. The HyperX Pulsefire mousepad, which costs only $39.99, was, predictably, the least expensive product in the cooperation.

The HyperX website now lists these items, and they will be available for purchase on Wednesday morning if you’re interested in learning more about them or incorporating them into your setup.