Overwatch 2 has one of the most divisive map types from the first game, although it can only be accessed through the Arcade.

In the sequel, all of the original two-control-point (2cp) Overwatch maps are now accessible in the new Assault mode, which can be accessed through the Arcade or by making a custom game. These maps, which are all excluded from the rotation of standard maps as a result of the elimination of 2cp as a whole, include Paris, Hanmura (which has a Winter theme), Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries.

With the exception of a few additional interactions that newer characters could have with their environment, these maps haven’t altered all that much since they were first released. Unfortunately, the Assault mode cannot be played in the traditional six-vs-six format, but sticking to Overwatch 2’s five-vs-five format allows players of all experience levels to learn new tactics on these maps.

Due to its 2cp structure, none of these maps will be added back into the normal map rotation. Most likely, this Assault mode or custom games will continue to be the only ways to play on these maps.

This afternoon, Blizzard revealed that the first Overwatch 2 event, a revival of Halloween Terror featuring Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, will start on October 25. The Sombra skull logo can be seen in the clip, hinting that this event probably has something to do with Junkenstein’s Bride—a skin that was released for Sombra a few years ago—even if nothing is presently known about the Halloween celebration.

A witch skin for Kiriko will be made accessible during this event, according to the game’s debut trailer, but nothing more is presently known. In the upcoming days, more details ought to surface.