Finally, Team Vitality has unveiled its LEC lineup for 2023.

Perkz is the center of attention on Vitality’s new League of Legends team, as was predicted based on offseason leaks. The other four athletes are Mat “Neon” Jakubk, Norman Kaiser, Kyeong “Photon” Gyu-tae, and Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo. They are three newbies to the organization and one player who has not yet made his debut in the European tournament.

In the past two months, three of these players’ contracts expired, and they were all already linked to joining Vitality in the LEC. Bo, on the other hand, joined Vitality in June 2022 as a stand-in but has since been elevated to the position the primary jungler. He has previously been a member of eStar Young and FunPlus Phoenix.

However, Bo isn’t the only foreign player on Vitality’s 2023 roster. Photon joins the group after playing for T1 Challengers for a year. Additionally, he has represented Gen.G and Liiv SANDBOX Academies in the past.

Neon and Kaiser are the two new European players joining Vitality. After Misfits left the LEC this year to be replaced by Team Heretics, the former was left without a team. The latter played with MAD Lions for the previous three years, winning two LEC championships during that span. Despite having one more year left on his contract, he departed MAD in November, and another prominent European support, Hylissang, took his position on the squad.

The 2023 Winter Split, which was established on Nov. 18 along with various other alterations to the competition’s schedule, will kick off the LEC’s comeback on Jan. 21.