The eagerly awaited AMD AM5 platform will shortly go live in its entirety. We have a full lineup of motherboards prepared to use AMD’s next CPUs planned, and we are now prepared to reveal information on three more of these gaming boards. We’re launching the ROG Crosshair X670E Hero, the ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi, and the TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi to go along with the ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme, which was launched earlier this year. This trio is prepared to run your next-generation AMD gaming setup.

All the fives

Since DDR5 RAM compatibility and PCIe 5.0 connections are standard on our X670E motherboards, we are elevating everything to the power of five for the upcoming generation of motherboards.

The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero, ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi, and TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi all enable you take advantage of the next-generation DDR5 RAM’s enormous bandwidth, scorching new speeds, and remarkable power efficiency. DDR5 unleashes a new level of performance with data rates 50% faster than previous-generation DDR4 memory, and these motherboards offer a variety of hardware and firmware improvements that allow users to overclock capable kits to their full maximum.

With PCIe 5.0 connection, you have access to the quickest next-generation SSDs and GPUs as soon as they are released, and you have a wide range of high-speed ports at your disposal right now. The new standard gives us the capacity to equip these boards with USB 3.2 Gen 22 ports—and a pair of USB4® ports on the ROG Crosshair X670E Hero—due to its double the link speeds of PCIe 4.0.

These motherboards include with a front panel USB 3.2 Gen 22 connection since so many gamers link quick external storage to their PCs’ front panel USB ports. Do you also need such connectors to quickly recharge your other devices? If possible, use a case with a front-panel USB Type-C connector to pair the X670E Hero board with so that you can easily access 60W charging through Quick Charge 4+.

Hassle-free building with Q-Design features

A high-end gaming PC has never been easier to create and customize thanks to unique ASUS Q-Design features. The PCIe Q-Release button is included on both the ROG Crosshair X670E Hero and ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi. Modern graphics cards are frequently equipped with robust cooling systems and durable backplates. Performance-wise, that’s fantastic, however they may make it difficult to disengage the PCIe release latch. With only one click of our PCIe Slot Q-Release button, you can remove your graphics card from the slot without fidgeting or using your little fingers.

Similar to typical DIMM slot designs, memory sticks had to be locked in on both sides in classic DIMM slots, and it wasn’t always simple for those with bigger fingers to release the latch closest to the graphics card. We also used our single-sided Q-DIMM latching design on all three of these X670E motherboards for this reason. With this configuration, you won’t have to be concerned about a latch being too close to your graphics card. All it takes to secure your memory stick in place is a single latch on the side of the DIMM slot that is simpler to access. This makes installing RAM—and updating it later—much simpler.

Even installing an M.2 drive has been made simpler. You may rest easy knowing that you won’t ever need to handle another small, easily misplaced M.2 screw thanks to our M.2 Q-Latch. An M.2 drive may now be fastened or released using only your fingertips.

ROG Crosshair X670E Hero

ROG Crosshair motherboards are the go-to choice for high-end PC builders due to their unrivaled combination of performance, features, and breathtaking appearance. The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero bridges the gap between seasoned PC builders and casual gamers by being the most approachable model in the ROG Crosshair X670E series. This enables anybody to build a high-performance showcase PC.

The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero’s surface is dominated by dark colors, creating a dramatic backdrop for any setup. The integrated I/O shield receives a sizzling accent from Polymo lighting. Two RGB patterns are featured in this microstructural array of light and color, enabling designers to display a unique, bright RGB style.

Are you prepared to advance one of AMD’s newest chips? This motherboard’s 18+2 paired power stages, rated for 110A, will easily supply your CPU with a ton of steady power. The electronics is kept cool by substantial inbuilt heatsinks, and a large selection of headers allows you to configure your own cooling system.

The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero prepares you for a gaming setup that is utterly next-gen. The PCIe 5.0 M.2 card that is supplied provides you a third M.2 slot in addition to the two onboard slots that are wired for PCIe 5.0 connection. Its pair of PCIe 5.0 x16 slots are suitable for next-generation graphics cards. With an audiophile-grade ESS ES9218PQ Quad DAC pumping top-notch audio to the front-panel output, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio for both competitive gaming and enjoyment. This audio solution has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, making it ideal for connecting a high-end headset.

Completes the feature set of the Hero is top-notch connectivity. With compatible routers, WiFi 6E enables you to use the recently available 6GHz band for lag-free wireless networking in some areas. Flexible access options for high-speed external storage and peripherals are provided via the dual rear USB4 connections.

ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi

The finest of the X670E is delivered by ROG Crosshair motherboards, and ROG Strix boards take that fundamental DNA and present it in more affordable configurations that blend outstanding gaming performance with beautiful flair.

The ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi combines style and function to great effect. Along with unique ROG iconography, angular accents are spread over the heatsinks of the board. An eye-catching statement is made by an illuminated acrylic display on the integrated I/O shield.

You are equipped to control the newest high-end equipment with comprehensive power and thermal solutions. Your AMD CPU receives a steady supply of power from 18+2 paired power stages with a 110A rating. The substantial and broad combo-sink M.2 heatsink offers a sizable surface area for cooling to maintain PCIe 5.0 SSDs functioning pleasantly. And the accessories package comes with a sizable PCIe 5.0 M.2 heatsink that is supplied.

The ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi offers a new wave of advantages that make construction easier. Along with the PCIe Slot Q-Release button, which makes it simple to remove the graphics card, the motherboard also has an integrated power button that makes it simple to perform a pre-test before assembling the entire system. Additionally, the ROG accessory package includes extra M.2 heat pads so you’ll always be prepared to keep replacement drives running at their best.

TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi

The TUF Gaming portfolio offers the performance you want in styles that exude toughness and usefulness. The TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi’s extensive feature set and robust good aesthetics provide you the tools you need to outperform the competition.

Simple, clean lines and subdued gray tones that make it easy for you to match the look of your construction are the foundation of this board’s no-frills design. Inconspicuous accents are provided via badges on the integrated I/O shield and anywhere else.

Many of the next-generation features seen on the more expensive ROG Crosshair and ROG Strix boards are also found on the TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi. You can put the most advanced graphics cards of today and tomorrow in a PCIe Gen 5.0 x16 slot. You may configure a roomy and quick storage system with a total of four M.2 slots, one wired for PCIe 5.0, two for PCIe 4.0, and one for PCIe 3.0. Additionally, it comes with a wide range of Q-Design features, such as the simple Q-LED diagnostic array that provides you with instantaneous knowledge of the state of your project.