On Thursday, August 11, Fall Guys will host a unique, limited-time Sonic the Hedgehog event that will include a new level, a one-time performance, tasks to do, incentives to gain, and new costumes to purchase in the store.

According to Game Informer, a new level or round called “Bean Hill Zone” will be included during the event, which will take place from August 11 to August 15. The “Gotta Go Fast” limited-time show’s new round will play a crucial role in it. Players can accomplish 10 different tasks in Gotta Go Fast concerts during the event. Each successfully completed challenge grants 100 XP, which may be used to obtain one of five rewards:

  • “Bean Hill Zone” nameplate (200 XP)
  • 200 Kudos (400 XP)
  • “Bonus Rings” pattern (600 XP)
  • 400 Kudos (800 XP)
  • “Sonic’s Sneakers” lower costume (1,000 XP)

According to leaks from Fall Guys data miners, the 10 tasks are divided between covering particular distances while watching Gotta Go Fast episodes and obtaining a specific number of rings.

Along with the new level, show, and challenges, Sonic is making a comeback to the Fall Guys shop with a number of brand-new allies and enemies. In addition to the entire costumes for Super Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Dr. Eggman, players may purchase the Sonic costume. Players can receive a discount if they purchase Sonic and Knuckles together or Eggman and Tails together, according to photographs that have surfaced online.

The appearance of Sonic and company in Fall Guys is the most recent in a string of crossover activities that have taken place since the game’s transition to free-to-play.