The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, a well-known mobile action RPG, now has new characters, battle cards, and in-game events available to players courtesy to a September 2022 update from Netmarble, a renowned mobile game developer and publisher.

September 2022 update brings new playable characters to The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The most recent game update introduces a number of fresh playable characters, including:

  • XV R. Rugal (Green Element / Attack Type):
    Leader Skill: Increases [Extreme] Fighter’s ATK by 50% and Critical Rate by 10%.
    Special Skill: Enters [Fury] state for 7 seconds upon using an Active Skill – this deals Physical DMG equal to 200% of ATK to the target every time a skill lands (Cooldown: 7 seconds). Critical                                DMG increases by 15% for 5 seconds upon landing an attack (up to 5 stacks).
  • XV Omega Rugal (Blue Element / Defense Type)
    Leader Skill: Increases [Defense type] Fighter’s ATK equal to its 85% DEF.
    Special Skill: Provides a 40% chance to reset Active Skill Cooldown upon landing [Desperate Ray]
    (Cooldown: 12 seconds) while also decreasing the Active Skills cooldown by 100% in [Auto] state
    (Ultimate Move is unavailable).
  • 03 Duo Ron (Purple Element / Defense type)
    Leader Skill: Increases [Temporal Mystery] Fighter’s ATK by 65% while decreasing Taq Cooldowns by 2 seconds.
    Special Skill: Decreases the target’s ATK SPD by 90% for 4 seconds upon landing a Critical Hit
    (Cooldown: 9 seconds).
    [PVP Exclusive] Reflects 20% of DMG received for 5 seconds when attacked (Cooldown: 13 seconds)

    Additionally, new battle cards (Special/Option/Set) are now accessible. The special abilities on these cards boost ATK by 2%, Active Skill DMG by 4.5%, and Critical DMG by 6%.

Participate in new in-game events to win amazing rewards in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Players can participate in brand-new in-game events and win a variety of gifts to commemorate this new game update:

  • Omega Rugal Crafting Event: Players can obtain the Omega Rugal Token by participating in the Challenge Dungeon: Boss Showdown (Omega Rugal), Challenge Dungeon: Delta and Omega, Delta and Omega Relay Bingo, and Autumn Celebration, Training Season! Login bonus. The Token can be exchanged for the new fighter XV Omega Rugal.
  • Autumn Celebration, Training Season! Login bonus: Starting today through October 13th, players can receive the Omega Rugal Token, Soul Selection Box and Rare Enhancement Hammer during this promotional period.
  • Rush Dungeon (Constraints of Power and Time Rush Event): Comprising 3 stages (up to five rounds per stage), players can obtain Rush Coins by clearing the Rush Dungeon. These coins can be exchanged for various rewards including the Omega Rugal set cards and Awaken Exp at the Exchange Shop.
  • EX Event Codex: Players can earn a new EX fighter and earn rewards such as the Imprint Stone based on Fighter growth progress.

In this action-packed game, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, players battle their way through waves of enemies, huge monsters, and other fighter teams. The thrill is increased with contemporary animations, vibrant colors, and cutting-edge sights. There are presently more than 130 fighters in this game that can be collected, including every KOF competitor from 1994 to XIV. Future releases of more fighters will be made possible via seasonal events and partnerships with well-known IP like Samurai Shodown and Seven Knights.