The G502 has been brought back by Logitech, one of its top performers. Three variations of the G502 X have the same form improvements.

In recent years, the enthusiast mouse industry has favored ultra-light versions from companies like Finalmouse and Glorious.

All three G502 X versions weigh at least 89g since Logitech is aware that some players prefer a heavier mouse.

All three were created by Logitech using the same framework. Additionally, the shorter mouse buttons are a feature of the redesigned case.

These buttons feature Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches, which have fast actuation times and clear clicks. The most sophisticated choice available from Logitech, the Hero 25K gaming sensor, was also utilised.

The two wireless models employ a newer iteration of Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed wireless protocol, which the firm claims has a 68 percent quicker reaction rate than the previous one.

They also feature a removable DPI shift button, making the mouse slower or faster when pressed. It can be reversed to be closer to your thumb or covered by a black cover if you don’t want to use it.

Where they diverge are in connectivity and customization:

  • G502 X: Wired, $90, and weighs 89g
  • G502 X Lightspeed: Wireless, $140, USB-C charging, weighs 99.7g for the black (101.5g for the white)
  • G502 X Plus: Wireless, $160, USB-C charging, Lightsync RGB lighting, weighs 106g

Preorders for all three G502 X models in black and white are available from Logitech.