The screen of a Nintendo Switch in portable mode is one of my greatest gripes; it’s simply too tiny. Furthermore, unlike with other Nintendo handhelds like the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, no manufacturer has had the guts to make a pure book light and magnifying glass window pair for the Switch.

If you were to ask me if I would be interested in a Switch with a huge 11.6-inch display, I would eagerly await the day when I might acquire what seems to be a wonderful product. (It’s not quite the Switch Pro I had in mind, but Nintendo probably has the greatest ideas.) Well, that future is now, and it has obviously existed for a longer period of time than I had thought. The Orion, which can be placed between two Joy-Con controllers, is made by a startup named Up-Switch and is essentially a glorified Switch dock with a screen.\

This $299.99 add-on is like to Kirby inhaling your Switch and producing a larger screen as a consequence. When the rear of the Orion is opened, a slot that may accommodate the Switch through its USB-C connector is visible. It includes built-in speakers and a kickstand on the back. The Orion contains an HDMI connection that, according to Up-Switch, may be utilized for streaming or other video game consoles.