Following the 5th Anniversary celebration, Free Fire is getting a lot of new features and special themed incentives. The game’s makers have shown a brand-new, futuristic landscape with the addition of fresh features. Players may now explore the brand-new Free Fire Max battle royale map Nexterra after much anticipation. In conjunction with the release of the new map Nexteera, the creators have announced a mini-event.

Play the new map Nexterra to win an exciting reward

The game now has the Nexterra map event, which will continue through October 27, 2022. There is sufficient time for players to play and earn prizes. To obtain the Incubator Voucher, players only need to download the Nexteera map and play the game with it.

The map is a futuristic BR map with lots of cutting-edge sites and technology. Players may locate several high-tech buildings here, including homes, shopping centers, and more. Additionally, the newly updated visuals and vehicles on the map will offer immersive and lifelike gameplay. Honestly, the map looks a little bit like a cross between Bermuda and Purgatory. The following list includes some of the top locations that people should explore when exploring the Nexteera map:

  • Intellect Center
  • Twin Bridge
  • Museum
  • Mortar Ruins
  • Turbine
  • Farmtopia
  • Zip way
  • Rust Town
  • Plazaria
  • Grav Labs
  • Deca Square
  • Mud Site

We already know that new events bring enticing prizes, therefore in order to receive the prize, gamers must download and explore the brand-new map Nexteera. Now, users may take part in their preferred ongoing online activities and earn exciting gifts to bolster their in-game inventory.