Garena’s newest Free Fire promotion, Football Fable, aims to energize and involve the global football community. Players may now display their love for the game by using the new football-themed game modes, special in-game products, and content from December 2 through December 18 everywhere in the globe.

Score In Style with New Skins, In-Game Events, and Football Modes

Players and football fans will be able to show off their passion for the game thanks to Trend+ Potential’s newest series, Magenta Striker, a football bundle box featuring top selections from previous series, and time-limited football-themed game modes.

The new Football Squad option, which enables players to compete against other teams to be the best on the pitch, will appeal to fans of Free Fire as well. Like in a real game, teams score by kicking the ball into the goal of the opposite team. At the start of the game, the player is given a location of their choosing along with a matching unique active skill. Teams will also have access to the Football Shooter, a novel pistol that facilitates ball movement in any direction. As the game progresses, errant vehicles and other objects will fall onto the field, giving participants the opportunity to fortify their defenses or gain an advantage in the contests.

Players will also get access to a wide range of exciting new landscapes in Craftland Mode, each with its own own game mode and rules. Players may customize their own football jerseys in the DodgeBall map from Free Fire Craftland to wear the colors of their chosen team in addition to the celebration.

Beginning on December 2, players will be able to immerse themselves in the frenzy of the football festivities thanks to in-game lobby reskins. The airship, airdrops, planes, and in-game objects will all be given a magenta makeover to celebrate the release of the Magenta Striker costume and other football-themed products in the Store.

Test your mettle by stopping goals from scoring as a goalkeeper in the Goal or Troll event

Between December 2 and December 18, players may accomplish daily quests to gain exhilarating new goodies including the brand-new Magenta Striker Bundle, parachute, and pet skins. Participating in the Football Squad also gives you access to brand-new bags and other in-game goodies.

Players may put their skills to the test in the time-limited “Goal or Troll” in-game event starting on December 8 by preventing goals from scoring as a goalie or finding methods to dribble past them to score as a striker. When players take part in the event, they can obtain milestone prizes. Players who post their top scores and challenge their friends to a football game on social media will also receive additional incentives!