UTG International from the Philippines won the first Hyper Front Elite Cup SEA Region finals 2022, which were held in Jakarta. UTG. Kyle was designated FMVP, according to a release from NetEase Games.

There were 12 teams competing in the Southeast Asian Division of the Hyper Front Elite Cup. Professional athletes from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia were among the 12 teams that took part.

Several well-known teams, including Dunia Games, Demigods Esports, UTG International, KHI Esports, HomeBois, The Infinity, Geek Fam, Voin SBO, TEM Entertainment, Smart Omega, RSG PH, and Bren Esports, took part in the competition.

The offline Hyper Front Elite Cup final rounds in Jakarta were open to 22 competitors from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. During the offline battles, many gamers gathered at Mall Taman Anggrek to take part in Hyper Front’s first offline celebration. There was a lot going on throughout the tournament in addition to the dramatic clashes, and platforms were accessible for players to take advantage of the game in the esports setting.

UTG International performed exceptionally well throughout the tournament

By placing second in Group C early in the tournament, UTG International showed its talent. To proceed to the knockout stage, they defeated KHI Esports and tied with Geek Fam in the group stage. They defeated Dunia Games 2-1 in the first round of knockout play to proceed to the offline competition in Jakarta.

They fought valiantly in Jakarta, defeated Team Geek Fam and DemiGods Esports to win the championship. UTG International took first place in the competition, with DemiGods Esports coming in second, Smart Omega coming in third, and Geek Fam coming in fourth.