Following their victory over The Guard on August 14, 100 Thieves will be the last North American team competing at VALORANT Champions.

100 Thieves competed for the final berth in the event among several other teams after failing to qualify for Champions through tournament victories or circuit points. Due to their consistent results throughout the year, OpTic Gaming and XSET both qualified early. Despite having difficulty at times throughout VCT, 100 Thieves are starting to gel as a team at the proper times, which has led to their qualifying for the year’s biggest tournament.

The best-of-five match did not get off to a good start for The Guard, who chose the map Icebox. With a clean 13-7 victory to start the series, 100 Thieves were able to carry over their momentum from their match against FaZe Clan yesterday. With an 8-4 advantage at the start of the first half and only conceding three rounds in the second, 100 Thieves controlled the whole map. On Sova and KAY/O, respectively, Derrek and Asuna delivered outstanding performances that dispersed The Guard. Derrek had a 1.81 KD and further clutches to add to his résumé, compared to Asuna’s 1.66 KD.

Both teams saw a similar narrative in Fracture, which saw 100 Thieves open the game 6-0 before losing 9-3 at the interval. Earlier in the competition, 100 Thieves experienced the 9-3 curse; however, the same error was not made this time. The second map was won by 100 Thieves 13-6, giving them a 2-0 series lead and placing them on match point. Once more, Asuna stood out as the top performer, with an average fighting score of 322 and a KD of 1.5.

The Guard struggled on their chosen maps even as 100 Thieves once more overpowered them. 100 Thieves gained the lead at halftime for the third time in the series, which led to a conversion of the opening three rounds of the second half and increased their lead. 100 Thieves continued to benefit from The Guard’s errors as they continued to suffer, defeating Haven 13-8 and sweeping the series 3-0.