Another day, another awesome Minecraft creation, and today we have Gallifrey to show off thanks to Reddit user u/tucker-ed out, who submitted his world in which he replicated the planet where the Time Lords lived.

In a statement on their creation, the builder wrote: “Gallifrey has a completely explorable interior that has every single place from the program! Timelords, Daleks, Cybermen, Chancellery Guards, and more are all regenerating. The environment really does a fantastic job of translating the world to Minecraft and is extremely realistic and genuine to the program.

Players can experience the beautiful world of Gallifrey from Doctor Who in Minecraft

According to the creator, users of the Java version of the game may test it out for themselves on the Cosmos 2 server. The build was finished using a vanilla version of the game with certain plugins and customized model data.

Similar to other builds like the Milky Way Galaxy, the Region of Onigashima, Gotham City, and the battleship from the Gulf War (to name a few of the many we’ve seen here), the creator put all of their effort into presenting a build that truly captures the true essence of their inspiration and invested countless hours of creativity and labor.

It’s pretty amazing to see that crossover with the Minecraft community that has had comparable characteristics given that Doctor Who has been a significant, genre-defining name in pop culture and has been broadcasting for decades with dozens of seasons. Players may visit the creator’s Reddit page to view the entire collection of images of the Gallifreyan planet and to learn more about the viewable map.