The most popular soccer game from Konami, eFootball 2023, has unveiled plans for a special holiday campaign that will provide gamers tons of in-game players and resources. Fans eagerly anticipated a festive season event or campaign as the current year was drawing to an end. The Konami game designers didn’t let anyone down either because they released this news right before the holiday season. The impending eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign, the unique events that will be added to the game as part of this campaign, and the awards that users may obtain during the aforementioned period will all be covered in depth in this article.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign Overview

The current Football Festival event, which got its start with the FIFA World Cup 2022, was extended with the introduction of the eFootball 2023 Festive season promotion. But even though it falls under the Football Festival umbrella, it is a distinct yearly celebration that has slipped in to mark the end of an amazing year and the beginning of an even greater one.

Users can take advantage of Login Bonuses and rewards from special Events by joining in the festivities of “The Football Festival“. In addition to that some Golden Boys of the game from each position are also likely to drop in as Epic and Epic Big Time Cards, redeemable through eFootball Coin packs. Below are some of the salient features of the eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign:

  • Period of Campaign: 15/12/2022 02:00 (UTC) – 12/01/2023 01:59 (UTC).
  • Special Events during this campaign: Special Login Bonus, Special Tour Events, Special Challenge events, Objectives.
  • Total Claimable Rewards during this campaign: 4x Legendary Chance Deals, 1,60,000 Experience Points, 200 eFootball Coins, 140,000 GP.

Now that we have an overview of the sequence of events and claimable rewards during this event, let’s look at all these special events one by one and understand what they are going to bring to our table.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign: Special Login Bonus

By just logging into the game every day during each campaign period, you can receive up to 200 eFootball Coins, 400,000 Game Points, and 4 Chance Deals. Additionally, users who log in on New Year’s day are eligible for a special new year Login Present.

A campaign period would last for 7 days starting 15th December 2022 till the next Thursday and so on, till the 12th of January next year. The Login Bonus rewards for a given day will be the same for every week. Let us glance through what’s in store for us in these 28 days:

  1. Day 1: “Legendary: Worldwide Clubs” Chance Deal x1
  2. Day 2: 20,000 GP
  3. Day 3: 20,000 GP
  4. Day 4: 20,000 GP
  5. Day 5: 50 eFootball Coins
  6. Day 6: 20,000 GP
  7. Day 7: 20,000 GP

The “Legendary: Worldwide Clubs” Chance Deal would reward you with a guaranteed Legendary Player card each week. The following players have been included in the pack:

  • F. Lampard (CMF, 89)
  • A.Del Piero(SS, 88)
  • B.Lizarazu(LB, 83)
  • S.Given(GK, 82)

You will eventually get all these players from the pack within the next 4 weeks provided you are logging in daily. The cumulative Game Points and eFootball Coin rewards would stand at 400,000 and 200 respectively.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign: Special Tour Events

During each campaign period, users can earn fantastic rewards by participating in the “European Club Championship” Tour Event and National Teams Tour Event. Here are a few insights on these events:

  • They are just like any other regular Tour Event that rolls in and out of the game every week summed up with additional rewards in the form of Chance Deals in Game Points upon completion.
  • While you need to reach 3,000 Tour Event Points in the “National Teams” Tour Event, the “European Club Championship” event requires 6,000 Tour Points for completion.
  • The cumulative rewards that can be earned from these Events are 500,000 Game Points and 1x “International Cup Dec 15’22” chance deal.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign: Special Challenge Events

Various Challenge Events have been rolled out under the Festive Campaign. The headline stealer of them is the Worldwide Clubs Challenge Event.

Worldwide Clubs Challenge Event

  • In this event, the Golden Goal rule is in effect. As soon as one team scores, the game is over, and the team with the winning goal is declared the winner.
  • 30,000 Experience Points can be earned each week by completing all three challenges under this event. Cumulative rewards stand at 1,20,000 Experience Points.

The International Cup and International Cup U-2100 Challenge Events

  • These are just like regular online Challenge events that contain 3 challenge sets i.e., Aim for 1+, 3+, and 5+ points.
  • However, you can only include certain players that meet the Event Conditions in your Game plan, to gain entry.
  • Just like a regular challenge event, completing all 3 sets would reward you with 50 eFootball Coins. However, your player cards are eligible for a 3x Experience Point hike after every match as a part of the special campaign.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign: Special Objectives

As a part of the ongoing Festive Season campaign, the game has also rolled out special objectives to be completed during this 28-day window. You can view them by heading to the Objectives section under the Missions tab.

To be honest, very simple and straightforward challenges like playing the Tour Event, Challenge Event, the eFootball League, and scoring a target number of goals in those matches have been set. You might as well complete it all within a day. A total of 500,000 Game Points and 40,000 Experience Points can be accumulated upon completing these Objectives.

eFootball 2023 Festive Season Campaign: Triple Experience Points

Ads you know that Experience Points can help your players to level up. Besides feeding Training Level Programs to your players, you can also make them earn Experience Points through match exposure. With the Festive Season Campaign ongoing, the Experience Points accumulated by your players per match just trebles up. That is, you can earn three times as many experience points in the eFootball League and all Dream Team Events during this campaign period.

  • Only Events that begin and end during the campaign time are eligible for a 3x Experience Point bonus.
  • The Experience Points multiplier is only applied to Experience Points gained by completing matches..

Final Thoughts

The delight just doesn’t seem to end for eFootball fans with back-to-back campaigns getting added to the game. After having a rather lean patch with eFootball 2022, the developers at Konami have been up and running in eFootball 2023 by providing bonus rewards to users every now and then. The Festive Season campaign and the rewards oriented with them do hint that the good old days at PES mobile are gradually coming back.