Following his reveal(opens in new tab) earlier this month, the whole list of Ramattra’s skills is now available, along with a clip showcasing the robotic tank’s transformation in-game before his debut on December 6, 2022.

Ramattra is said to as “Overwatch 2’s first tempo tank” by Blizzard, and by this they probably mean that he changes forms when the battle’s tempo varies. Ramattra’s Nemesis form is better at creating close-range chaos, while his Omnic form is better at providing long-range defense.

Ramattra can shoot predictable missile streams in his Omnic form while also erecting barriers to defend his squad. He has the freedom to switch between this form and his nemesis form, which transforms his standard assaults into punches that create energy waves to trap opponents in the crossfire and a crossed-arms barrier that lessens frontal damage while slowing Ramattra’s mobility.

The other power of Ramattra is Ravenous Vortex, a ball that when it lands bursts and leaves a sphere of harm in its wake. The opposition team’s Genjis, Pharahs, and other mobile DPS are effectively countered by that field’s ability to slow and pull down impacted adversaries.

Annihilation, Ramattra’s ultimate, summons a frontward crawling swarm that causes damage and drastically reduces enemy damage dealt by an astounding 50%. When he uses it, “you’re going to want to run away from him,” Blizzard developers told PC Gamer.