Following its admittance into the Asia international VALORANT competition for the upcoming season, the Korean and American team T1 is planning to make a number of roster changes, according to numerous sources, Dot Esports has learned.

Joshua “steel” Nissan and Zander “Thwifo” Kim will likely be replaced by T1, but the other three Koreans are secure.

The inclusion of Son “xeta” Seon-ho and Joseph “ban” Seungmin will advance the roster. And Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom, of course. The Asia International League will be played in Seoul, South Korea, and each player will migrate there.

Steel’s willingness to relocate to Korea and play in the international league is also uncertain. A kick-off event in Brazil will kick off the season in February, but the first first split won’t start until much later in the year.

T1, one of the most well-known companies in Asia, encouraged Riot to try a cooperation in the international league for the Americas. T1 had made significant investments in North America prior to the acquisition of the Korean three, but during its existence the team never managed to earn a spot in an international competition.

Given the talent that has been competing in North America for some time, including Xeta, who established himself on Cloud9 as one of the greatest initiators in the area, T1 will probably form one of the finest teams in Asia.

Next year, T1 will face off against Gen.G, Detonation Gaming, ZETA Division, Paper Rex, DRX, Rex Regum Qeon, Global Esports, and Talon Esports in the Asia area.