The Epic Games Store often announces its free game for the upcoming week at the same time as it launches its most recent title. That’s not to say that the Epic Games Store doesn’t occasionally throw in a few surprises. Fans will be able to purchase the Boom Boxer Pack for Rumbleverse, but no new game, it was revealed last week. But this week, a surprise game was added as the moment for its release approached.

Users of the Epic Games Store will be able to download Doom 64 until August 25 at 10 AM CT in addition to this new Rumbleverse content. One of the most recognizable titles in its genre is Doom 64, which is saying a lot considering how many ports and mods helped the original franchise develop a cult following. It’s basically a hobby for modders to put classic games on non-gaming objects; one recently managed to get Doom to function on a John Deere tractor. But it’s a pleasant surprise for EGS this week.

Naturally, it doesn’t stop there. On August 25, Ring of Pain will take the place of both this Rumbleverse pack and Doom 64, and it will be accessible until the following Thursday, September 1. Ring of Pain is a cutting-edge genre mashup that combines dungeon crawling, card games, and roguelike aspects. To survive the different mysteries of the Ring of Pain, players will need to make important choices and equip themselves. The game has 16 core route dungeons, a daily dungeon mode, 25+ special dungeons, 300+ goods to design a build with, 50+ friendly and strong animals, cryptic narrative, and raw graphic art that is influenced by Aphantasia. It also has 300+ things to craft a build with.

It’s an intriguing independent game, which is more or less one of the store’s strengths, and it stands out enough from Doom 64 to prevent it from being dominated. The latter’s unexpected inclusion comes at a perfect moment, as well. The annual convention QuakeCon, which is presently going on and will end on Saturday, August 20, is promoting the franchises of id Software and other ZeniMax firms.

Additionally, Bethesda is offering discounts on a number of titles on platforms like Steam and even the Nintendo Switch to commemorate this, so it’s not only the Epic Games Store that is doing so. Overall, it seems like a fun QuakeCon weekend for lovers of Doom, Quake, and other ZeniMax titles.