League of Legends top laner Bwipo has announced that he won’t be playing in the 2023 Spring Split after a dismal season with Team Liquid.

While live-streaming, the 23-year-old veteran announced that he will be working as a content creator for Liquid during the regular season. As he gets ready to join a team the following summer, he will be streaming his solo queue and Champion’s Queue matches.

Bwipo swiftly acknowledged that he “didn’t stand out enough” to make a starting lineup and that, in order to return to competitive competition, he will need to perform better going ahead. Fans of the LCS are aware of how disappointing Liquid’s year was, especially in light of the kind of talent the company was able to assemble for 2022.

The defending LCS winners made news last offseason when they added Bwipo, Bjergsen, Hans Sama, Santorin, and CoreJJ to construct a potent superteam that, on paper, appeared to have the most talented squad in the league. With several LEC and LCS championships, All-Pro accolades, and Worlds appearances among the team, the sheer experience and firepower was difficult to bet against.

However, the club and its supporters soon understood that despite having a lot of star power, there was not enough unity among the players to overcome this obstacle. By the end of 2022, Liquid has been unable to advance to the Finals in either split or qualify for any international competitions.

Bwipo had a strong season statistically speaking, but he was unable to take his club far enough to leave a lasting impact. According to League statistic aggregator Oracle’s Elixir, he had the greatest damage and the biggest overall proportion of his team’s kills among all top laners with 66 kills during the Summer Split.

As Liquid struggles to recover from so far of failing to live up to the expectations placed on them, Summit, a former top laner for Cloud9, has been mentioned as a potential successor for the Belgian star.