Lately, the design of Sony wireless headphones has been leaked a lot, with the highly anticipated WF-1000XM5 being the successor to the current WF-1000XM4. Recently, Sony has confirmed the announcement time.

Not wrong, according to a poster from Sony Twitter in the UK, it is planned to announce new products on May 12, and according to the picture, we can expect high expectations. The new WF-1000XM5 flagship headset has also been announced.

Through the leaked images, this new generation of headphones may get a completely new design for the actual appearance, this time it looks even more beautiful.

The new headset is expected to receive additional enhancements to the sound system, especially the external noise suppression function. As for the price, it is known that this time it can go up to $ 399, which is more expensive than the WF-1000XM4, being sold at $ 349.