According to 4Gamer, a new game based on Sega’s well-known Sangokushi Taisen series would be developed as a consequence of the agreement with Japanese blockchain business Double Jump Tokyo.

Real-time strategy game Sangokushi Taisen is mostly played in Japanese arcades and involves players collecting actual cards that may then be placed on the playing field to appear in the game.

Blockchain technology will be used in the new game, which will be created by Double Jump Tokyo with Sega contributing its intellectual property; however, it is not yet obvious how this would function (though it may involve using it to record the ownership of each card).

Although the game’s release date and platform are still to be determined, depending on when it does, it may be the first blockchain game created with Sega’s assistance.

Users may effectively own, purchase, and trade digital goods like in-game items or artwork thanks to data kept on a blockchain, a type of digital ledger.

When some well-known brands, including Nike and McDonald’s, announced their own efforts last year, the topic of technology received a lot more attention.

Konami and Atari are only two of the gaming companies that have begun selling digital goods as NFTs, however this has drawn criticism from some owing to the format’s enormous carbon footprint and what some view to be cynical implementation.

For some time now, Sega has appeared to be experimenting with the concepts of blockchain and NFT technologies.

A week after CEO Haruki Satomi seemed to have cooled on the concept somewhat and acknowledged the present unfavorable NFT landscape, it registered a trademark for “Sega NFT” in January.