Regarding the arrival date of Intel’s other Arc desktop graphics cards, there are some intriguing new reports. As reported by sources who shared embargo policies with VideoCardz(opens in new tab), Arc A770 Limited Edition unboxings will start to appear online starting on Friday, September 30. Then, as of October 5th, reviewers will be permitted to publish their writings. Please remember that the source warns the dates might yet change and to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

It’s possible that the alleged embargo rules don’t only apply to Intel’s Limited Edition cards. Whether the Arc A750 will be released simultaneously is another unknown. The Arc 700 series pair was expected to launch concurrently on the retail market, according to prior predictions. Additionally, it would be great for the consumer’s choice if any third-party models with personalized coolers debuted at the same time. Unfortunately, the leak also contains no indications of any precise consumer release dates.

Supposed embargo timings and dates for Arc A770:

  • Unboxings: 9 am EDT on Friday, September 30.
  • Reviews: 9 am EDT on Wednesday, October 5.

The rumored timing and dates could coincide with forthcoming Intel events. In particular, the September 27–28 Intel Innovation event in San Jose is where we’re most likely to get more last-minute details regarding the Arc graphics card portfolio. This will prepare us for the launch. Additionally, keynotes from Intel’s event will be live-streamed online if you’re interested in watching.

The knights in shining armor who were supposed to protect us from the devastating crypto mining graphics card shortage of 2022, Intel Arc graphics cards, have already failed. All that we have so far is the meager Arc A380, which was first published in China months ago and then came to the United States in bits and pieces very recently.

Tech aficionados have long appeared to tire of Intel’s assurances that more potent Arc desktop graphics cards will be released “soon.” Even so, it appears that releases are approaching soon. Although Intel missed its deadline to release the last of its Arc desktop graphics cards by the end of the summer, we now know the rumored unboxing and review timetable dates. Additionally, we said yesterday that the competition winners who won the limited edition Arc A770 graphics cards will soon get them. Winners have recently been asked by Intel to make sure their shipment information is current.