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One of the greatest esports competitions in the world, the League of Legends World Championship, has drawn large crowds to every place it has visited this year. Hundreds of viewers are tuning in live at the Hulu Theater in New York City as the event is being hosted in North America for the first time since 2016.

Although a crowd this large may get rather noisy, players participating on-stage are typically unaffected by it because to the specialized headphones they don while playing. Vulcan, the star support for Evil Geniuses, claimed that this had been a significant issue for him and his teammates.

According to Vulcan, in spite of the fact that their headphones are designed to filter and drown out the audience with white noise, the players could hear the spectators extremely well during their games, according to an interview with Travis Gafford. It’s a strategy that has been utilized at several significant events for a long time.

Vulcan explained, “Our headsets, the microphones would catch up everything from the audience. “Whenever they smash their sticks, I can hear them through the microphones of my teammates. I honestly find it fairly amazing that I can hear whether they are screaming.

Vulcan claimed he raised his concerns with the officials while they were on stage, but they just responded by telling the players to handle it. The largest event of the year for the biggest esport in the world, it was intolerable to the 23-year-old pro.

In response to these complaints, Riot Games stated that they were aware of the issues with crowd noise and were working with the audio engineering team to resolve them. Before today’s games begin, hopefully, these issues will be resolved because the audience may be quite distracting and can even reveal certain moves with their responses.